A favorite among locals and tourists for years

Whitecap Beach

White Cap Beach runs about 1.5 miles along the gulf with the Packery Channel to the north and Padre Bali Park/Bob Hall Pier to the south. This beach has been a favorite among locals and tourists for years. Stay in one of the seaside resorts or just come for a day with the family. This beach usually doesn’t get as crowded as some of it’s neighbors but there is plenty happening on the shore and the seawall. The seawall was built in order to protect the structures along the beach but is better known as a great place to take a walk and be part of the action while staying out of the sand.

White Cap is also home to the Padre Island Surf Camp located in front of the Windward paved parking area, even if you don’t want to learn the sport it’s entertaining to watch other people wipe out. If you want to park on the beach just stay on Windward Drive until you run into the dunes, turn right and head to the beach along the Packery Channel. There is enough room on this end of the beach to launch paragliders and to kiteboard.




  • wheel chair accessible
  • public bathrooms
  • fresh rinse showers
  • lifeguards (summertime)
  • beach rentals



Whitecap Beach is accessible from Park Road 22 by turning East onto Whitecap Boulevard. Follow down and turn left on Windward Drive. Continue driving about a quarter mile (just past the Holiday Inn) and turn right into the Windward parking area or continue down to Beach Access Road 3 and 4 which also leads to Whitecap Beach.

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